White interior design – Excellent white bathroom ideas

White is the preferred color for interior decoration. However, as many homeowners know, an all-white bathroom can quickly become boring. This neutral hue is a safe bet for decoration, but you do not want it to define the personality of your bathroom. Whether you're working on a small budget or want to completely renovate your bathroom, you have a choice of decorating options to enhance the look of your bathroom without detracting from its white-on-white color scheme.

First of all, you will have to take into account the color of your walls. Even in a completely white bathroom, there is no need to paint the walls in a bright white. The white color is currently available in different shades, from frost to cream. You may want to consider painting the ceiling the same shade as the walls to create the comfortable feeling of being in a "cocoon". Similarly, you can use a Venetian plaster treatment on the walls of your bathroom to create an element of visual interest.

Well chosen, the upholstery will be a necessity for your bathroom all white. Wicker is a popular material for bathroom furniture. It is available in multiple shades of white and earth. Similarly, you should look for window coverings, bath towels and area rugs made of soft, airy materials. You can even look for woven bamboo mats to give more texture to your bathroom. The soft and dark tones of the rugs will complete the white and white decor of your bathroom.

Did you know that your bathroom tile can be used to introduce visual elements into a white-on-white bathroom? When decorating a white bathroom on white, you do not have to look for simple white or rectangular tiles. Instead, try looking for opaque white tiles or glass. Mirror tiles can also be used to create an interesting backsplash, to frame a mirror, or to create an interesting bathtub environment. The reflective surfaces of these tiles will make your bathroom look bigger than it is.

No bathroom would be complete without an infusion of your personal style. You can add a personal touch to a white-on-white bathroom by using decorative glass, baskets braided in earth tones or by infusing living plants into your bathroom. In particular, orchids are ideal plants for a bathroom because they take advantage of the humidity of this environment and the color that they bring will not compete with the white-on-white decor of your bathroom. bath.

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