Vacation Preparation – Five Steps to Securing the Interior of Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes landlords and renters often make before leaving for short or long trips is to forget about securing their home. Keep these few simple suggestions in mind, as they can cause excessive worry and stress, which will make your stay much more difficult.


When planning your vacation, you may want to arrange for a babysitter or ask a family member or friend to stay. Typical burglars will do their best to avoid confrontation. Their goal is to find a beautiful empty house where they can work quickly, without interference and in a good mood. The key to protecting your home is to give it the impression that someone is there. Although there are many ways to give your home an inhabited appearance, the best way is to make someone live. By getting a babysitter for your home, you are creating one of the best lines of defense possible. Also be sure to leave detailed instructions on the maintenance of the house and the operation of your alarm system. This will put your child care at ease and you will rest more easily.


If you can not leave someone physically busy at home, consider investing in a few timers. For the most part, these timers are inexpensive and can be purchased at a home improvement store or department store. Some people choose to leave their lights on for the duration of their trip. However, this can have the opposite effect of informing a potential burglar that no one is home. The use of timers will establish the plausibility of life on the inside. Simply locate them strategically around your home with lamps and indoor fixtures to light your home at night, and set timers to turn radios and TVs randomly during the day. Even if the house is empty, an observer passes at different times of the day, it will look busy. The goal is to create an illusion of daily activity.

Automatic response

Think about it for a minute. What is the outgoing message on your answering machine? You just told a stranger that you are not at home? Worse, did you just tell them how long you will be away? Try not to share more information than necessary and never indicate in your message that you are on vacation. Instead, politely ask the caller to leave a message and make sure you return his call as soon as possible. During your absence, do not forget to regularly delete the messages from your answering machine so that the "beep" is always short.

Valuable objects

Be sure to put your valuables in a safe place. Even with all the precautions you have taken, it may not be enough. In addition, move your valuables into a safe or store them in your own safe. Works of art and jewelry are a popular target of thieves. Be careful about your most precious things.

Locks / Alarms

Does your house have locks and deadbolts? If your home already has some, be sure to check them to make sure the screws are secure and secure. If this is not the case, make the purchase from your home or department store and install them. While this may seem obvious, take your time before leaving your home and make sure to lock all your doors and windows. If you have an alarm system, do not forget to activate it.

A little effort can go a long way in securing your home and your valuables. With a little thought, preparation and action on your part, you can easily strengthen the protection of your home and belongings, while ensuring peace of mind, but also a relaxing and neat escape .

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