Unusual and Awesome Forest House Design by Satoshi Okada

 Here are unusual and awesome forest house design by Satoshi Okada. These house with a beautiful and very attractive design is located in Svab Hills, Hungary. Despite its location in the heart of the city, this house benefits from the presence of green sites and outdoor landscape is very green and shady. Which makes it even more unique, this inn is surrounded by 200 years old beech trees . The architect, Satoshi Okada, take advantage of this moment so well that by building a family home which is also the forest theme. The concept is increasingly apparent with the aid of a creeping Ivy covered walls of the house. Impression of a natural and tranquil became the most prominent side of the house. The architect also deliberately placed a large glass window in the living room to frame the beautiful and green scenery outside. Overall, the combination of concrete structures, modern home design, and natural elements of the environment looks very harmonious and beautiful. If you want to own a home with the concept of the forest but still looks modern, hopefully this can inspire your home.

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