Unique Bathrooms by ArtCeram

For those of us who seek something a little different for our bathrooms, ArtCeram have stepped up with a collection to blow our minds. In fact, these pieces might look more at home in the ceramics section of a department store than in your local bathroom fitters showroom. Unique lines and bold designs, along with everyday household objects, have been scaled up to find new homes in our bathrooms, cloakrooms, and ensuites.

A basin resembling a huge coffee cup is charmingly suited for purpose, with an integrated towel rail at the ‘handle’; this piece speaks for itself, so team with simple surroundings and a minimalist wall mounted faucet. The ‘cow’ collection gives us a herd of four legged friends for our wash space, the quirky form is available in striking black, or true farm yard lovers can go the whole hog with zany cow print.

If you’re not feeling so eccentric, alternative wow factor can be achieved with strong geometric shapes, or organic, wall hugging forms. Clean, seamless vessels become contemporary works of art when stark white ceramic is adorned with striking black line work and pattern, and the simplicity of a single sheet of curved glass floating beneath a waterfall faucet is clearly stunning.

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