Tips For Home Appliances Minimalist

Stairs is a vertical interface. In devising a convenient staircase to consider several factors including design, material used and the burden of the stairs. To give a sense of comfort in use stairs there are some important elements that must be considered such as slope, staircase railing (Balustrade), an anti-slip material (not slippery), height and size of stairs. For the selection of appropriate steps, it is worth considering the following points:

1. Customize the shape and style of the stairs with the concept of home as a whole, so there is no discrepancy between the stairs and the concept of home.

2. The need for taking into account the slope, load, lighting and aesthetic factors in designing a ladder.

3. Pick the right area to put the main construction of the stairs.

4. Choose material that matches the needs of industries such as iron, steel, glass, wood or other materials.

5. Beautify the area About a staircase with decorative elements such as color games, paintings, photo frames and others.

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