The Master Suite Decor

The master suite in the home is where you and your loved one want to go and relax. Many times you look around and think you need an update but aren’t quite sure what to do. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade.

If the paint on the walls is still a neutral or even white color you may need just a touch of colored paint to spruce up the space. If the bathroom is connected you can also paint as well a different color. It will brighten up the space and give you a great start with a new design with pieces which you already have.

You can even decorate for each season, just by changing the bedding and the curtains. Curtains can sometime be pretty expensive and if you are operating under a budget like most people these days, then simple tabbed topped curtains or panels are good to use. Just make sure that the curtain rods you are using are appropriate for tabbed topped panels. If you are unsure what tabbed topped panels are, it’s simple; you will be able to see the rod that the panel is hanging on, so you want to make sure it’s not the old metal type of rod.

So if it is a spring seasonal look you want, start with the bedroom and changing out dark bedding for light airy type with pastel colors is good for a spring look. You can use some pale yellow or pink or melon or light greens to give it the spring time look you want. For you ladies whose husbands might balk at the feminine colors, try to steer away from flowery prints, just use solids or maybe a checked pattern in the pastel colors for throw pillows on the beds. Pale blues or shades of blue and or greens may not give them such a fit as yellows or pinks.

When figuring out what to do with the bathroom which won’t break the wallet, try a paint change. If you aren’t looking to paint but just place a few decorations throughout go for great plants if you have enough sun light coming through or a great silk arrangement. Many master suites have a huge tub which as a shelf around the back. Add a few plants and candles to spruce the look in the bathroom as you did in the bedroom.

Placing lace doilies on your end tables and even dressers will give you a great new look as well. It will soften the furniture piece as well as add a pinch of color. Placing area rugs on each side of the bed as well as the foot of the bed will also bring a punch of color and also a warmer feeling into the room’s textures.

Of course if you have a patio as well which runs off of the master suite you can’t leave this area out. Try adding some color outdoors as the same which is indoors. Use the cushion covers, flowers, and additional decor to represent the space and the flowing of design.

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