Tapestry Wall Hanging Ideas For The Bedroom

Often your bedroom is the most neglected room. Generally people tend to focus on rooms that are public like your guest bathroom, living room and the kitchen. Your bedroom is your own private sanctuary that offers you a peaceful haven after a tiring day. This is reason enough for you to decorate this special room.

You could begin decorating your bedroom in small steps, as working on the entire room may seem like a monumental task. The easiest way is to start with the walls by adorning them with artworks. The best thing about using artworks is that they can be altered or undone if you do not like the design. Plus, the look of your room changes automatically.

Walls encircle your home. Apparently, they are the first to get noticed as well, by your guests. To give a right thematic impression you must not keep the walls blank.
So, start working on them right away!

Buying wall hangings created by a non-contemporary popular artist can be expensive. You do not need any instructions to create your own artwork. The foremost decisive thing is the theme for the bedroom. Feminine or floral artwork goes well with a ragged or neat Victorian bedroom theme. Prints in sleek frame blends well with a modern bedroom theme. Get some prints of exotic animals and birds or jungle style prints, if your heart is set on a tropical look for your bedroom.

You could also be very creative with those loads of pictures stacked away uselessly.

For instance, you could arrange them into a huge wall collage that may include photos of your growing children, weddings, exotic places and many such pictures. This is sure to give your bedroom a personalized appeal. A huge music collection of CDs can be probably found in the bedroom of your teenaged children. Utilizing the cover art from the CDs collection, they can create their unique wall collage for their bedroom walls. There are companies available to do this for you at a cost that may vary from $50 for an 8×10 to $150 for 20×24 wall collage sizes. However, creating your collage yourself is definitely more fun!

You may wish to press some foliage for artwork, if your bedroom contains them. Pressing them dry flat is considered the best. You can easily do this by placing the leaves or flowers in a book for a week or two. As they turn crisp, you can hang it on your wall by just mounting this artwork and voila! Your wall hanging is ready.

Only your imagination limits your ability to use artwork in decorating your bedroom.

Artwork can be reversed easily, as explained earlier. Just be creative and use plenty of imagination to design your artwork.

Leave your fears aside and start experimenting!

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