Rustic luxury interior design

The rustic luxury decor is a look that is here, there and everywhere. To describe this look, the chic and rustic urban style of the barn would overlap in a cool way. Rustic woods, earth elements, antiques, washed-out fabrics and soft cotton jets blend in rustic luxury. Together, they create interiors that bring together the best of both worlds. Both feminine and masculine, ying and yang mingle with a palette of warm browns, subtle moles, white wash, and layered textures.

Reclaimed aged wood furniture is a style that applies to many styles of interior decoration but is essential to the rustic and luxurious look. These beautiful barn doors are made from salvaged wood from ancient Havelis or Indian buildings. An old door table immediately becomes the centerpiece when it is added to a room. For the finesse of the recovered wood, try a buffet with wrought iron railings and original tiles.

The metallics give this look a modern dimension that puts luxury in fashion. Recessed mirrors in old jharokha windows or through accessories such as metal-tone fabrics and shiny candle holders. An armchair of traditional inspiration in silver finish, the Queen Of Hearts adds a touch of classic luxury to the room. This classic is distinguished from the most worn pieces and feminine metal accessories. The kitchen uses a rustic antique manjoosh, an Indian trunk with wheels with elephants and peacock sculptures. An island combined with crystal wine glasses creates a luxurious, practical and eclectic d├ęcor.

The style of luxury cabinets with glass doors with raised edges in an aged white finish with a ceiling attached with beams and warm cedar planks creates a huge effect. Earth-toned granite worktops and countertops with rustic bar stools take up the story started by a professional range and a built-in refrigerator with custom doors in old distressed wood.

The pantry is wrapped in rustic panels and a sliding barn door does the trick, and works well with mirrored tiles and furniture hardware which is a hand painted porcelain knob. Clean lines and the warmth of old woods close the space between the traditional and the rustic. .

Create a kaleidoscope of ideas, mix unusual earth colors, move away from the norm, while keeping class and sophisticated, rustic luxury is the norm for the tribe. Warm turquoise patina buffets, smooth-textured wood tones contrasting with clean lines, fabulous multicolored textured upholstery fabrics against smooth calf leather, mirrors and decorative elegance dotted glass .

Rustic Luxury is a trend to adopt a lifestyle that helps highlight the favorite items so that the individual style of a person shines. Create rustic luxury interiors with antique hand-carved antique doors, telling stories from the past, distressed finishes and dining tables, tribal painted wardrobes, timeless design trends, and more. beautiful than you!