Top 10 luxury interiors that design ideas for your home

A house is a privileged place for its occupants, ensuring security and comfort in a corner of their own. People want their homes to be comfortable and welcoming. Today, with the growing awareness of the importance of well-designed homes, they also want it to be elegant and glamorous. This has also resulted in an increased demand for luxurious interior design, giving homes a unique and exquisite look.

If you also want to incorporate the splendor of sumptuous decorations into the design of your home, here are 10 luxury interior design ideas for your home that will turn them into fascinating spaces:

1. Wall Mirror – Nothing like a richly framed mirror on the wall to give an impression of luxurious decor. They bring not only a hint of glamor, but also help create the illusion of space.

2. Brighten yourself for good mood – Do not skimp on lighting. Elegant light fixtures, whether in the form of a unique glass / crystal chandelier, hanging candles or even antique racks, can create a charming atmosphere wherever they are installed.

3. Get a Rug – Placing a plush rug in unique patterns can instantly raise the style quotient of any home. Look for colors and patterns that offer a harmonious balance to the overall decorating theme of the room and:

4. Go for wall art – Instead of ordinary walls, opt for accent walls. Textures, shimmering colors, trim, wall paintings, leather panels and all are good ideas for accent walls. Even a unique accent wall can make a huge difference to a luxurious decor.

5. Bold color palettes are the way to go – Give up the classic whites and pastels and give some glamor to your interior with the incorporation of deep, rich shades of red, blue, green, d & rsquo; Gold, etc. you can use them in walls, fixtures and furniture for a great interior decor. & # 39;

6. Personalization brings exclusivity – Luxury interior design is an issue of exclusivity. Nothing like giving a personal touch to a unique look. Quality details and reflection reflected in the design bring elegance to the settings.

7. Do not Forget the Details – These are the details that make the difference between the ordinary and the fantastic, and it's essential for the design of luxurious homes. Whether it's the color of the walls or the proper placement of furniture, but also the choice of a side table, there are many intricate elements to create luxurious interiors, free of any clutter.

8. Go for inventiveness and unusual materials – the use of little used materials such as marble, stone, onyx and agate gives the interiors a touch of exclusive design . You can opt for inlays or use these materials in furniture to create creative interiors.

9. Wood brings sophistication – nothing compares to wood to bring a sophisticated home feel. Whether you use a wooden floor, a wooden wall panel or even a wooden furniture, the rich warm hues of this natural material are the classic way to create a luxury interior design.

10. Plan for comfort – luxury must be synonymous with comfort. Plush seating, floor carpeting, high-tech gadgets – everything that fits your luxury idea needs to be integrated to create a personalized luxury statement for your home.

Luxury is not limited to high-end accessories and expensive decor. With a little ingenuity and creativity, any ordinary home can be turned into a sumptuous and sumptuous luxury center. You can use the tips mentioned above or even seek the help of interior design companies to bring opulence to the interior of your small apartment or your sprawling villa.

Indian style for your interiors

India has a wide variety of cultures, each with its own style in home decorating. In this series of articles, let's take a look at what each Indian culture has to offer in terms of unique interior designs.

We will begin the series with the state of Kashmir furthest north of India.

Kashmiri Home Interior Design

The northernmost state of the country may be at the center of controversy, but its rich cultural heritage is unique and deeply traditional. Those with access to Kashmiri's interiors are full-time ambassadors of its natural beauty as well as the welcoming nature of its inhabitants.

Kashmir houses are mainly made of wood and are designed to withstand the cold. Warm woolen carpets are essential elements of any Kashmiri house. They are a way to keep the cold of the ground. When entering a Kashmiri house, it is essential to remove all shoes on the outside so as not to soil the carpets.

The seating arrangement in a traditional Kashmir village house is strictly on the ground. Colorful wool carpets adorn the seating area and often a separate rug is placed to mark where it sits. A visitor may be offered a cushion on which he can sit according to the degree of consideration given to him.

In modern Kashmiri houses, sofas and armchairs are in the minds of the local populace, but overall, sitting on the floor is preferable.

Heavy, thick and dark curtains are the norm in most Indian house interiors of Kashmir. Again, the goal is to keep the cold. Do not be surprised to be offered a & # 39; Kangri & # 39; By the time you take a seat at Kashmir home to help keep you warm. This Kangri is nothing more than a clay pot filled with charcoal embers to keep you warm, the same as most Kashmiris wear in winter. In addition, if you feel the need, you would immediately be offered one of the best blankets in the house to cover your legs.

The traditional embroidered curtains of Kashmir, called namda, are made of a thick white cotton fabric, embroidered with daring patterns in pretty and colorful wool. The same fabric is often used as a bedspread and even for making cushion covers, etc. You can usually find it in any showroom or point of sale in Kashmir.

The dining room in a traditional Kashmir house also has seats on the floor. The ladies of the house will serve hot meals and will have their own meals later. According to the Muslim traditions of sharing meals, three or four people eat on one common plate. Of course, we must keep in mind the difference of tradition of the visitors and generally independent plates are proposed to them.

The interiors of Kashmiri homes are unique in themselves, as they manufacture and use their own hand-made fabric and traditional embroidery. Plan a trip to Kashmir to enjoy your best holiday and collect many traditional interior items!

Create elegant home interiors with beautiful wall tiles and forget the paintings

When you want to set up colorful environments, traditional painting may not be enough, now that ethereal wall tiles are so common. With color, you get modern or classic styles with great designs and textures. Choose from an infinite variety for the tile of your dreams.

Porcelain Panels Dekora Cream Canyon

Opt for surprises and the tiles are not limited to kitchens and bathrooms. The mosaic accent wall in the living room or dining room would delight guests every time. The Dekora Porcelain Canyon cream mimics the natural rural stone and the shades of gold and beige are really striking. You certainly can not get such depth and texture on the walls with the paint.

Porcelain Brick Taupe

Going modern or classic, Taupe Brickstone porcelain adapts to both and how. The textures go deep and the interest is high. Kitchen records on the farm and accent walls of modern living rooms, the appearance of the brick will never fade, unlike the paint. Practical solutions that are easy to maintain.

Porcelain Dimentions Series

(With the Glacier, Graphite and Gray Porcelain Dimensions series)
Some wet areas around the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms, do not tolerate paint, while smooth backsplash tiles would look good. The graphic patterns should be very attractive. Dimensions, Glacier, Graphite and Gray porcelain stoneware tiles provide the modern look and feel that paint can not achieve. Although tiles seem expensive, they will last longer than painting and will provide good value for money.

Mixana Kenzzi Porcelain

The tiles are full of happy surprises like the Kenzzi collection, to which the Mixana mosaic belongs. Decades of dynamic performance are assured with minimal maintenance or replacement costs. Available in beige and gray hexes 7×8 beige, the wall expresses a feeling of freshness and elegance with this tiling. These tiles are fashionable and are frequently used nowadays.

Brina Kenzzi Porcelain

If you prefer black, gray and white, opt for Brina Porcelain tiles from the Kenzzi collection. It feels elegant and suited to your needs while the paint can not say that much. This tile accentuates the walls rather than just melting and making powerful statements.

False bricks and imitations of concrete and wood surfaces, and many others, you should opt for some of the smart wall tile choices for the next project! Discover many other examples of geometric wall tile ideas. In comparison, the painting has limited use or variety.