Design a home that heals

The house is where the heart is; peaceful, calm and blissfully serene. A home that heals gives you love and vibrates with your energy. Designing and decorating such a house goes naturally with the philosophies of ancient spirituality.

We are talking about chakras and the flow of energy that keeps our body in balance, the same goes for our home. Each corner and direction resonates with a certain frequency of color and vibrates with a vital force.

The living room and bedroom inspire a feeling of calm and tranquility on bright colors. Mandala vintage lotus carved buffets of carved splashback and chakra, cotton sheets, soft sheets, soft bedding, soft furnishings, etc. Beautiful aged woods and faded textures highlight each space from the source to the traditions of the ancient world. Your house is beautiful and a source of joy. Guided by energy balance techniques and antique sculptures, your home contracts love, luck and prosperity in abundance.

The rustic carved woods of the time create a balance between the latest gadgets and sophisticated appliances. The old anchor doors used as headboards or office doors, engraved with old symbols of luck and protection, patinas and encrusted metals telling stories of the past. Rustic sophistication and a laid-back look that goes back to basics of being connected to Mother Earth is the key to creating a healing home.

A meditation room or sacred space decorated with taste and decorated with a soothing sulfur color creates a positive energy flow. Murals of Ganesha, Buddha border the wall and give the impression of being in the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Your aura heals at the deepest level of consciousness. The ancient sciences of vedas, Sanskrit mantras play softly in the background. The candle gives a softness and a feeling of peace. An authentic damchia chest or ancient Indian sits in a corner, filled with photographs of your loved ones.

Nature has a mysteriously beautiful way of helping us relax surrounded by lush green trees. Your terrace has a beautiful swing and an original artisanal statue. The swing is richly carved in beautiful wood tones with a colorful accent and sari paintings. An antique Haveli door creates a brilliant landscape with colorful and fragrant flowers. A nature getaway after a day of exhausting work or simply enjoying the sun during a relaxing afternoon. Healing design connects you to nature and its bold beauty Mogul!