Interior Design Color Management – How to use colors and create a beautiful home

The human eye can distinguish about 7 million different colors. How to find the right color scheme for your home?

The goal of any interior design coloring project is to create a layered appearance that gives a feeling of harmony, completeness and personality to a room. To create a successful room, it's important to understand how colors work together and what colors make you and your customers feel.

The color management includes 8 components:

1. Apply the Classic Interior Design color palette.

Each designer learns the classic rule of applying a color palette 60-30-10: 60%: your main color, 30%: a secondary color and 10%: an accent color . Choose your favorite color to be the main color, secondary or accent.

2. Use the accessories for color enhancement. This tip saves you time, saves you money and offers unlimited variety. The accessories are easy to change, allowing to get an instantly updated look throughout the seasons.

3. Match the color values. Pay attention to the relative brightness and darkness (color value) of the colors in your palette. Stick to similar color values, if you have three colors.

4. Match the colors to the objectives of the room. First, ask yourself what kind of feeling do I want to create? Then choose your color values ​​in line with the objectives of the piece. Values ​​determine moods. Neutrals create a quiet elegance. Pastels are peaceful and relaxed. Vibrant colors give energy and spice to another wise and dull space. Make your choice, which means: choose a mood; do not combine them in a room.

5. Create a unique color. If you are so obsessed with a color and want a piece of a single color, you can. You'll get a great layered look by varying the intensity of the color in your monochromatic color scheme.

6. Combine opposites. The opposite colors go well together. One color may be the dominant color, the other the secondary color or the color of accent. In your planning, try what suits you: mix and match until you get the desired result, then apply your color formula to your room.

7. Choose Calm Color Analogies. Create a similar color gamut by adding the two colors adjacent to your favorite color on the color wheel. This usually gives a calming effect.

8. Include B / W. Do not forget to include a black and white tat. Just as you would in a painting to bring out your colors, include black and white in the set of colors.

Where to start

Nature is a good source of choice of colors and combinations. The same goes for the successful works that you like and already have. Look for ideas elsewhere too. You can also check out the latest designer magazine to find out which colors are fashionable and for unique ideas. Experiment in your plans.

If you are planning a major renovation of your room, plan your colors first on paper. Create samples and paste them on a board so you can see what your finished piece will look like. Then, when you have applied these 8 color rules to your existing paper decor and found a brilliant color scheme that will work by experimenting on paper, apply it to the piece itself.

You may not need a complete color review. Even if you only make a change, it can already be a miracle for your audience. Good luck with the design.

Create elegant home interiors with beautiful wall tiles and forget the paintings

When you want to set up colorful environments, traditional painting may not be enough, now that ethereal wall tiles are so common. With color, you get modern or classic styles with great designs and textures. Choose from an infinite variety for the tile of your dreams.

Porcelain Panels Dekora Cream Canyon

Opt for surprises and the tiles are not limited to kitchens and bathrooms. The mosaic accent wall in the living room or dining room would delight guests every time. The Dekora Porcelain Canyon cream mimics the natural rural stone and the shades of gold and beige are really striking. You certainly can not get such depth and texture on the walls with the paint.

Porcelain Brick Taupe

Going modern or classic, Taupe Brickstone porcelain adapts to both and how. The textures go deep and the interest is high. Kitchen records on the farm and accent walls of modern living rooms, the appearance of the brick will never fade, unlike the paint. Practical solutions that are easy to maintain.

Porcelain Dimentions Series

(With the Glacier, Graphite and Gray Porcelain Dimensions series)
Some wet areas around the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms, do not tolerate paint, while smooth backsplash tiles would look good. The graphic patterns should be very attractive. Dimensions, Glacier, Graphite and Gray porcelain stoneware tiles provide the modern look and feel that paint can not achieve. Although tiles seem expensive, they will last longer than painting and will provide good value for money.

Mixana Kenzzi Porcelain

The tiles are full of happy surprises like the Kenzzi collection, to which the Mixana mosaic belongs. Decades of dynamic performance are assured with minimal maintenance or replacement costs. Available in beige and gray hexes 7×8 beige, the wall expresses a feeling of freshness and elegance with this tiling. These tiles are fashionable and are frequently used nowadays.

Brina Kenzzi Porcelain

If you prefer black, gray and white, opt for Brina Porcelain tiles from the Kenzzi collection. It feels elegant and suited to your needs while the paint can not say that much. This tile accentuates the walls rather than just melting and making powerful statements.

False bricks and imitations of concrete and wood surfaces, and many others, you should opt for some of the smart wall tile choices for the next project! Discover many other examples of geometric wall tile ideas. In comparison, the painting has limited use or variety.

A beautiful house of dreams

Today, we think and worry about the fact that the world is becoming more and more polluted due to the increase in traffic and industries. The environment is getting worse day by day. But it has been scientifically proven that the air inside our homes is more polluted than the outside air. Our homes have become more polluted than the environment due to the use of artificial substances, materials and chemicals used for cleaning and housekeeping. To keep your home eco-friendly, always keep it clean, tidy, waste free and dust free. This can be done by vacuuming and dusting frequently.

We always want to relax and comfort ourselves at home. But if our house is not clean and tidy, we will never achieve our goal. To make your home comfortable and relaxing, design it naturally. Use eco-friendly materials to design and decorate your home. Use natural fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, indoor plants and other natural materials grown and harvested ecologically. By following design trends, we can opt for homes that are healthy for the environment. The health of your home and your family are the most important factors when designing your home.

This trend is extremely easy and beautiful to live. A sophisticated lifestyle with eco-friendly design can transform your home into a warm and comfortable place. Decorate and design your home with natural ingredients, take your home to new heights and offer uncompromising style and a sophisticated lifestyle.

The interior design of the home enhances the overall look of your home. To make designing your home affordable, recycling is the best option. Reusing plastic containers, wood, paper and cans reduces the cost of designing your homes. Reusing materials and a little creativity can help you save a lot of money. A mix of old and new trends can make your home attractive and unique. As you design and decorate your home, proportion and balance are the most important elements to consider, as is creativity. The coordination between the two is very essential to make the house beautiful and attractive.

Even colors play a very important role in the design of your home. Opt for bright colors for your home. You can even try bright colors on one of the walls. The choice of colors for your home is one of the most important factors.

How to make the interior of your house beautiful

Are you frustrated by the appearance of your interior but you can not do anything about it because you do not have the budget? You are not alone, because many owners share the same feeling: a profound transformation also means that their budget will be seriously solicited. This is not necessarily the case, as it is possible to turn the interior into a boring house by impressing with the constraints of a small budget.

If you want to try to create a new look for your interior, here are some ideas you can try to follow:

Make a plan – It's always a must when you want to do something. You must plan your move. An error of those who would like to redevelop their place is that they continue without thinking about what they want to achieve beyond the general.

So you want to change the appearance of your place of residence – but how are you going to do it? You must offer the specific look you want for your place. Going out and buying everything that is beautiful will not help you in the right direction.

Color – You must choose a theme based on a color that you will use to decorate your home. Choosing a color is important because it will define most of the things you will do for you. It can also help determine the things you are going to buy.

Fly and borrow There is nothing wrong with flying and borrowing ideas to decorate your home. When you see something that draws you to another house, magazine, or TV, try it for yourself. You will still make changes so you do not end up with the same look.

Mix- When buying new furniture, try not to have them all in one place. You might end up in a showroom. Try to move from one store to another and get different pieces. But remember that you will always have to follow the general color theme you have chosen or that your place will look like a confusing jumble.

Wall of accent The commonly accepted idea is that painting your walls in white gives the room a larger appearance, but some interior decorating experts suggest adding a little color would be better to achieve this effect, because it can add depth. You do not have to paint the entire room with color; you can simply choose a wall that will serve as the accent wall.

Do not go naked Bare ground is not that bad, but having a rug or carpet can make the room look bigger and better defined. You must choose the type of flooring you will use because there are some that would make your room cheaper than the other way around.