Table Covers – Table Decoration with Table Cover

Table covers are not the conventional way of decorating your dining table but these can actually make your old dining table appear brand new. Just by changing the dining table cover you can bring an altogether new look and feel the freshness in the air.

There is no limit to the design, size, shape, fabric and other aspects related to dining covers because of its mass requirement. So you will have to be very sure of your taste and need before selecting an appropriate table cover. The most common type of table cover available in the furnishing souk is the dining table cover. So lets talk about this in detail.

Crochet Table Cover
If you do not want to buy the fabric then go for the crochet table cover. Anything made in the form of crochet have small blank spaces of design. Hence whatsoever is kept underneath the crochet dining table will be visible from above. To further enhance the look of your interior you can place beautiful cotton or other thick fabric contrasting to the crochet. Or you can place the fabric of matching tone.

Lace Work Table Cover
After crochet second favorite to me is the lace work table cover. Beautiful lace work gives elegant and incomparable look. You can match the royal look with crochet table cover. Lace work can be given in the center, edges, above edges, on the table boundaries etc. SO depending upon your choice pick the one you like.

Cotton Table Covers
If I am not wrong then cotton table covers are all time favourite of all the house makers because these are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Also these cost less as compare to other table covers. In the category of cotton table covers embroidered table covers, hand painted table covers, mixed with crochet and lace all are available.

PVC Table Covers
Now if you have kids at your home and you need something too easy to clean then you can definitely go with PVC table covers. But in this category pick the eco friendly PVC as the normal one can harm the environment and your health as well. The eco friendly material looks like PVC but actually these are not.

If you have the taste for something glittery then go for the satin and silk table cover. But these are hard on maintenance and you cannot use them daily. Every time you will have to give these for dry cleaning. But for occasional use these can really mark the difference.

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