Stylish Kitchen with Classical Design by Joan Nemirow

 Here are stylish kitchen with classical design by Joan Nemirow. This unique kitchen deliberately made ​​in the style of 18th and 19th century. The designer inspired concept and design of the Passage Verdeau in Paris and the British Museum in London. This kitchen is so beautiful and charming look with classic style. Cabinet is dominated by white, and color of the wood elements are deliberately highlighted to make this kitchen a unique work of art. Several other supporting elements such as lamps and other furniture made ​​from steel and copper complement the exoticism of the room. Adjusted color of wood floors with a kitchen set that is strong and smooth dark brown. Black color is applied to the stove area. This strong color adds a classic addition also gives the impression of powerful and important area for the kitchen itself. On the other hand, the designers also seeks to bring modern impression to the room look stylish designs are timeless. Namely, with fixed seats and presenting ultramodern equipment. Thus, the kitchen is not only look beautiful and unique but also remain functional. Hopefully, this unique and classic traditional kitchen can inspire you.

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