Stylish Home with Simply and Contemporary Concept Design by Buchanan Architecture

 Here the stylish home with simply and contemporary concept design by Buchanan Architecture. House that located in Dallas, United States is a cursory look like a regular house. But when considered more carefully and look at the overall design of the house, you will believe that this house is very beautiful and stylish. This contemporary style home utilizing the beautiful scenery around very well. Part of the house facing east intentionally made ​​brighter and more spacious to make room for sunrise views. While the western part of the home sites surrounded by leafy trees that provide shade and beautiful impression. The front of the house are made available through a hanging bridge over the pond. This idea gives the feel natural and comfortable since the beginning of entering the building. While the room in the house is limited by the cabinet, and not walls in general. The dining room and kitchen area directly adjacent to the garden green and pretty neat. Manufacture of made ​​elongated pond and fountains at some point the pool gives the feel relaxed and lovable.

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