Stone Natural Bathroom

The combination of different types of natural stone in color makes the bathroom feel cold lebi. The atmosphere is like in real nature.

The bathroom is not just as a place to cleanse the body. The bathroom also serves as the relaxation of the body. After a day of work fatigue, self-cleaning activity becomes an enjoyable part of relaxation.

Sensation of relaxation in the bathroom could be built by creating an atmosphere of a bathroom shades of nature. The concept of a bathroom like this can give the sensation of a bath as in the wild.

There are many ways to make a bathroom have a natural atmosphere. In the bathroom in the house the couple and Irene Haris Kayus this noble example. The use of stone materials in random order with a combination of a sprinkling of white coral on the floor reminiscent of the stone in a river. The combination of two natural stone produces a harmonious color combinations.

In addition to stone, there is also the element of wood. Wood became footbridge path toward ultimate bathroom. Titian made of marine wood resin is made with holes so as not slippery when the part.

In order to obtain the natural feel of the river, the rush of water presented in this bathroom. Two shower heads frog-shaped water pouring down on the barrel-shaped clay. Barrel-shaped clay was placed on iron legs that stood on the pool. Elements of life added by placing koi in the pond and two plants of water drum.

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