Small House with Belle Canopies

Modern small house has a very elegant composition materials, glass and masonry walls, concrete floors, and detailed with metal and wood. Modern small homes designed by architects who experienced the unique features of a large canopy cantilevers toward the south into the desert sun’s shadow hard to set limits to the south of the page. Designed as a loft is divided into public spaces on the ground floor with two stories that expose life on the second floor attic room next to private. Two masonry walls insulated compartment to determine east and west, with floor to ceiling glass to the north and south facing rooms. Modern small house that shows the concept of environmentally friendly, sustainable in a simple minimalist design with passive solar plants and cut, the house captures all rainwater from the roof into the gutter steel pipe sculpture that will be dumped into the storage tanks of 1,000 liters to be used again for the cultivation of the page.

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