Seaside Decor Ideas

The sea, white sand, and water lapping at
the ship hull… those are images and sensations we would like to have at home
all year long. So, if you like this atmosphere, here are some tips and ideas
which might help you to add a holiday touch to your interior decoration.

moodboard seaside

You wish to create a seaside atmosphere?
Use natural colours and materials. Find some shades of blue from navy blue and
blue-grey to blue-green. To adorn those blues, you can use tints of beige as
well as sand, linen and whites.
For the materials, we use sea rush and
natural fibres, string, wicker, driftwood or aged wood.
Striped patterns might also adorn your
décor. However, be careful not to overload your room. 

Wallpaper Great Wave and Acquario from Cole & Son (approx. 100€ and 190€ each roll).

Hut bedroom

seaside decor

  1. Find some aged wood and  make yourself a head-board
  2. Buy a ready to use head-board (e.g. here)
  3. Use a trompe l’oeil by putting wallpaper or
    floors imitating aged wood (

    straw hat decor

    • The yard lamps used as bedside lamps
    • The straw hat collection becoming
      decorative items

    maison de plage
    • The  blue-grey colours of the shelf matching
      the head-board;
    • The wicker basket used as ceiling lamps.

    boat cabin decor
    • The ultra-simplified style of this bedroom
      where you really feel like you are in a ship cabin. Once again we can find the
      aged wood, the straw hat, the stripped patterns and the white colour. 

    boat wood white decor
    • The wooden head-board with a high shelf to
      save place: aesthetic and practical.

    Good ideas for a seaside atmosphere

    1. Turn a barge into
    a sofa

    boat into a sofa

    2. Turn a pallet into
    a hanging seat

    seaside decor ideas

    3. Use rope to
    hang your curtains

    ropes curtain hanging

    4. Create a room divider using a ship sail

    sail clothes room divider

    5. Use your
    old oars to create a head-board

    oars decoration

    6. Build shelves for

    bathroom decor ideas

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