Pick Right Color Scheme for Bedroom

Everyone has his or her own likes and dislikes. If  you like red color then other may like yellow or white. So response towards color is a natural action rather than tailored one. Color brings in life, color refreshes your mind, color creates a mood and so use this very carefully. Stick to your basic instinct while selecting any color scheme for bedroom.

So whenever you talk about color decoration you have to consider the tone on tone color scheme and harmony of colors.

Tone on Tone
In this type of color scheme two or three colors from the color wheel are selected. The selected colors should be closely related. Like you can pick the dark and light tone of same color.

Color Harmony
Several colors do not lie close to each other on color wheel but they can also be combined in a way that they give very harmonious effect. Like you can combine purple and light yellow, red and pink, blue with green and so on. 

Popular Color Schemes for Bedroom

Purple Color Scheme For Bedroom

Purple is a very soothing and sophisticated color. Psychological impact of purple color vary with the how warm or cool the hue is. Like blueish purple presents calming whereas reddish purple has dominating impact. For a romantic effect you can go with the purple color scheme for bedroom.

Purple color goes very well with off white and very light yellow. For great effect do not over do the purple color but mix it with light color. Like  you can put purple wall paper and carpet or rug whereas the color scheme of your bedroom furniture and furnishing should be light. Or the shades can be purple whereas the rest of the bedroom decor can be simple and light.  

Blue  Color Scheme For Bedroom

Blue color scheme for bedroom is done if you want something very relaxing. Blue is not at all an overwhelming color but a very soft color. Make your draperies, furnishing, rugs in blue tone. But if you are prone to depression then I would recommend not to use blue color in your bedroom. In this case try using some vibrant colors or you can also use the shades of lavender. You can also use yellow with blue to add excitement in the bedroom space. Combination of blue with pink gives soothing and blue with red a fire effect. Blue is also used with grey color and light green color.

Pink  Color Scheme For Bedroom


Pink is considered to be a very girlish color but if correct tone of the pink color is used then even the pink color can be used in master bedroom as well. Red is prominently used with red, yellow, blue and brown. Each combination has different effect. Pink with yellow and red gives vibrant impact, whereas when used with brown and blue it has very calming and soothing effect.  

Green  Color Scheme For Bedroom


Green is the color of revolution and nature. Nature has given green color to most of his flora mean. Psychological effects of green color are very similar to that of blue as it is also a natural color. Green color scheme for bedroom is also a symbol of fertility and new ideas. It is also very easy on eye. Green color very well with sage, pink, blue, grey and yellow. For coastal look combine green with neutral and blue tones.

White Color Scheme For Bedroom

White always look good and never goes out of fashion. This is such a color which can be used with any other color. Also if your bedroom is small then using this neutral color is a perfect way to give room a more spacious look. Use white with vibrant color for more life in bedroom.

White and black is considered as a modern color scheme. You can also give contemporary effect with monochromatic white. For boys bedroom color scheme use white with blue or grey and for girls bedroom use it with pink color. It is really a magical color.  

Yellow Color Scheme For Bedroom

Yellow color scheme for bedroom should be followed to make your bedroom stand out from the rest of rooms. Make sure that yellow color is not used in overwhelming manner. Try using it with soothing colors such as pink, blue and green. You can use chic yellow, country yellow and traditional yellow color for different feel and look.

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