Outdoor Design And Garden – Backyard Designs

We have hunted around the web to put together this collection of inspiring backyard designs, to influence your outdoor spaces. We have weeded out the rough to reveal a tidy border of modern decking, sun patios, landscaping, water features and mini pools.

 Uneven yards should be seen less as a problem and more of an opportunity, follow the topiary and create an interesting multi leveled patio to achieve a natural division of outdoor rooms.

 Concrete slabs create a contemporary set of stepping stones.

 Envision your long narrow backyard as a chic runway of manicured lawn, flanked by architectural evergreens for year round wow factor; place a water feature or dining patio at the far end as a destination.

 Fire pits allow you to use your yard longer into the evening, and the year.

 Soften high walls with climbing plants, it can help create the illusion of a larger green space in small quarters

 You don’t always have to stick to a straight sided yard, fashion a curved wall to throw off dimensions.

 Want a touch of Hollywood luxury? Think hot tub!

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