Old trends are new in today's home interior designs

Do you want to know the interior decoration trends of new homes in 2009? Perhaps you are preparing your house for sale, are you building a new custom house, are you moving to another office complex, or do you simply want to change the setting? There are many different styles, themes and tastes in interior design. Now that builders offer their customers a multitude of customizable options, clear trends are emerging. Open floor plans continue to be popular, as are energy-efficient designs and practical ideas that taste good.

The houses of the 1800s and early 1900s were special. The large family houses were designed to split the house into separate areas. For example, the servants' quarters are located on the ground floor, near the kitchen, while those of the family are located on the upper floor. Right next to the parents & # 39; Master Bath was a private bathroom, while a water room was located downstairs. Often, the children's quarters are located in a separate hallway from the house, to allow parents to enjoy a little privacy and rest. There could have been a garage for guests or parents-in-law. The trend of the interior of the house became popular again in 2009, with two- or three-bedroom suites and extra bathrooms being more popular. Most buyers prefer that children's rooms occupy one side of the house, while parents and in-laws stay on the other, leaving them with space for a restful retreat. The attached apartments, located in an isolated part of the house, generally have an area of ​​300 to 400 square feet and contain a full bathroom and sometimes a living room.

Family spaces will continue to be popular until 2009, according to experts. Life at the back, which means that the family room and kitchen are located at the back of the house, is gaining popularity. This allows parents to prepare meals while keeping an eye on the children playing in the family room or entertaining the guests while being able to take care of everything that goes on in the kitchen. Many modern designs have fewer walls in common rooms with an "open concept" feel. The common rooms with half-walls are ideal for kitchens, dens and dining rooms. In addition, Americans have begun to embrace the European idea of ​​outdoor living spaces; Today, we find homes with their own outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, fireplaces, chandeliers, works of art and comfortable furniture on a covered patio.

Interior designers usually seek to create a sense of timelessness. Blue and greens are popular in rooms like bedrooms because they offer a sense of soothing. As the center of the house, the kitchen often receives bright shades from the designers, such as splashes of yellow, red and orange. There is a lot of versatility in the living rooms; you can go with dark and elegant or modern and white. Bath design often seeks to create the feel of a "home spa," incorporating crystal blocks to allow light to enter, using rich browns accented with pastel colors and a floor tiled in relaxing tones. A personalized design will bring together all the pieces to create a unified feeling.

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