Modern and Elegant Concrete Home Design Inspiration – VK1 House in Cape Town

 Here the modern and elegant concrete home design inspiration – VK1 House in Cape Town. House made ​​of concrete does not always seem stiff and masculine, Greg Wright Architects prove it to you. House which is located in Cape Town, South Africa managed to combine elements of concrete materials with another house so that it looks unique and elegant. Combination of polished concrete, textured concrete, stainless steel, gray natural stone, and black glass gives the impression of a unique and attractive in a modern and trendy house is. The main part of the house accidentally placed on the upper floor over to beautiful ocean view can complement the perfect home for young couples who inhabit the house. The aspects of lighting is considered in order to detail and accent any room so pronounced. This house is perfect for young couples who love modern home design, unique, and stylish at the same time.

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