Luxurious and Modern Home Design in Brazil

 Here are luxurious and modern home design by Faleiro Guerra Arquitetura in Brazil. This house with an elegant and contemporary look was created by Faleiro Arquitetura Guerra has a rich design. Appearance of the facade of this house looks more luxurious and charming with its existence is intentionally made ​​higher than the street area. This height gives the effect of comfort and tranquility for the occupants in the house. Although the overall exterior and interior uses a modern concept, the architect still considering the freshness and environmental friendliness. It can be seen from the laying of the tree that can be enjoyed from all parts of the house. This scene gives the impression of shady trees and fresh in the house. Besides, the house is also equipped with underground reservatory that built under the garage which serves as storage of rain water. This water can be reused for gardens and toilets. With this concept, the existence of permanent buildings can make a real contribution to the effort to help sustainability and environmental friendliness. House known as Alphaville House is also made ​​with consideration to the mature presence of ventilation and lighting. This house seemed more perfect to the positioning of the pool and recreation area is appropriate to make this area a unique landscapes that beautify the home.

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