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As a homeowner, you can order your home interior plans from the designers and architects of Better Homes and Gardens online, but you can overcome the costs by completing your own home transformation plans with software designed by his collaborators. at Better Homes and Gardens.

They actually have a series of design solutions to reproduce the 3D home of your dreams, interiors and gardens on your PC, before you start spending to make it a reality. Better Software and Gardens Interior Designer 8.0 is an interesting software. It was designed specifically for the owner who likes to do things by himself and who has an artistic talent and patience to learn the software. Designing your interior and making it real on your PC has never been so easy. Take a look at some of its features.

Visualize your dream home on the PC

Interior Designer 8.0 is a 2D and 3D drawing and modeling tool optimized for interior decoration with over 1000 examples of interior plans to inspire you. The design of your interiors is based on an integrated library of more than 5,000 common household items such as furniture, light fixtures, appliances, shelves and cabinets, windows, material textures and wallpaper patterns, to name but a few. each.

And when you register online on the Home Designer website, you can add to this library free downloads of branded home interior items. You can also get free design expert advice from magazine publishers from Better Homes and Gardens in its online design planning center.

  • Kitchen and bathroom. The built-in library offers you a wide variety of devices that you can simply drag and drop onto your design. It has cabinet design tools to create as many cabinet styles as needed. You can customize kitchen plans with a choice of laminate or textured surfaces as well as paint color combinations limited only by your imagination. With a simulated 3D camera tool, you can create any angle of view for a more realistic perspective view of your kitchen or bathroom design.
  • Decoration of the room. With a library of furniture, surface textures and fabrics, as well as appliances, curtains and other ornaments of windows, ceilings and floors, you can indulge yourself with your ideal interior.
  • Soil planning. As a 2D drawing tool, you can create your inner floor plan with a virtual graphic to accurately resize your dimensions relative to plan elements, as well as the actual dimensions of your room and your room. House.
  • Estimate of the cost of the project. The software relies on a quasi-project management tool that allows you to generate a spreadsheet of costs involved in your interior design, broken down into appropriate categories.
  • Interior refitting. Rearrange your partitions, add or combine rooms, rearrange windows and furniture, and generate 3D views with multiple light and shadows options applied to your renovated interior for a more realistic and user-friendly look.
  • 3D modeling and virtual tours. As a 3D rendering tool, you can render realistic views of your final design project with a complete animated virtual tour with realistic lighting and shadows.

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