Indian style for your interiors

India has a wide variety of cultures, each with its own style in home decorating. In this series of articles, let's take a look at what each Indian culture has to offer in terms of unique interior designs.

We will begin the series with the state of Kashmir furthest north of India.

Kashmiri Home Interior Design

The northernmost state of the country may be at the center of controversy, but its rich cultural heritage is unique and deeply traditional. Those with access to Kashmiri's interiors are full-time ambassadors of its natural beauty as well as the welcoming nature of its inhabitants.

Kashmir houses are mainly made of wood and are designed to withstand the cold. Warm woolen carpets are essential elements of any Kashmiri house. They are a way to keep the cold of the ground. When entering a Kashmiri house, it is essential to remove all shoes on the outside so as not to soil the carpets.

The seating arrangement in a traditional Kashmir village house is strictly on the ground. Colorful wool carpets adorn the seating area and often a separate rug is placed to mark where it sits. A visitor may be offered a cushion on which he can sit according to the degree of consideration given to him.

In modern Kashmiri houses, sofas and armchairs are in the minds of the local populace, but overall, sitting on the floor is preferable.

Heavy, thick and dark curtains are the norm in most Indian house interiors of Kashmir. Again, the goal is to keep the cold. Do not be surprised to be offered a & # 39; Kangri & # 39; By the time you take a seat at Kashmir home to help keep you warm. This Kangri is nothing more than a clay pot filled with charcoal embers to keep you warm, the same as most Kashmiris wear in winter. In addition, if you feel the need, you would immediately be offered one of the best blankets in the house to cover your legs.

The traditional embroidered curtains of Kashmir, called namda, are made of a thick white cotton fabric, embroidered with daring patterns in pretty and colorful wool. The same fabric is often used as a bedspread and even for making cushion covers, etc. You can usually find it in any showroom or point of sale in Kashmir.

The dining room in a traditional Kashmir house also has seats on the floor. The ladies of the house will serve hot meals and will have their own meals later. According to the Muslim traditions of sharing meals, three or four people eat on one common plate. Of course, we must keep in mind the difference of tradition of the visitors and generally independent plates are proposed to them.

The interiors of Kashmiri homes are unique in themselves, as they manufacture and use their own hand-made fabric and traditional embroidery. Plan a trip to Kashmir to enjoy your best holiday and collect many traditional interior items!

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