How to turn your boring white home into a new, refreshed home

The house is a place where we seek peace and calm after a long day of stress. The only thing we want at that time is to spend the rest of the day with our family and friends. Sometimes we see our home as a boring and monotonous place, so take a look at these simple tips: the white interior will look like new and refreshed.

The white color is typical of the Scandinavian interior design. We notice that earthy tones are included in the last years. During the last period, light shades of blue and green are also included. There is no need to make major changes to your home, you can simply change the color of some interior elements.

The white items with lockers and drawers were very popular during the last period, but it is now a piece of furniture that looks very monotonous. Of course, it would be too much if you painted the entire cabinet, but you can improvise and paint only a few drawers in a different color. Or, if you do not want multicolor cabinet, you can showcase the feet and the cabinet handles of the same color. Even if you can only paint the top part, it will look good again.

Sometimes minimalism and completely white chairs may seem nice, but after a while, everyone wants a change that does not mean buying new chairs. Just paint the legs of the chair or another part of the chair, in a bold and striking color that will certainly match the rest of the interior.

The typical white window frames create a monotony, especially for more energetic and more active people. You can improvise according to the size of the window and your tastes, but it is important not to be afraid to experiment.

If all the walls of the room are completely white, you must put the accent on one of the walls. Paint it in a bright and vivid color and the entire interior will have a new look. If you want a bigger change, put the focus on the ceiling. Paint it in a different color than the rest of the walls and you will immediately get a new look in your home.

You may not have thought of this, but the doors of your home can also be transformed. You do not have to paint the entire door, just paint the interior.

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