How to Make your Living Room More Cosy

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How to Make your Living Room More Cosy

There’s nothing better in the evening than getting in after work and relaxing in a warm cosy environment.  A cosy room feels like a cuddle and there is no better place to wind down at the end of a hard days work than in a nice cosy living room. The important elements of a cosy room are that is feels soft, gentle and warm.


Lighting has a tremendous impact on the cosy-factor of a room. Harsh, bright, white lights can make even the smallest, softest environment feel sterile and unwelcoming. People are opting for bight modern décor more and more these days, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you balance the lighting. This is where lamps come in to their own. Diffuse lighting and well placed lamps will light your room with soft glows rather than harsh flares of light. This will instantly make the room feel more intimate, gentle and cosy.


Modern homes tend to use a great deal of white and black, which looks fantastic but can really remove any cosy feelings from a room. To make up for this, you can add splashes of warm colours such as reds or maroons. A good way to incorporate these colours into your modern décor is to use rugs, pillow covers, throws or paintings.


Soft soft soft is the cosy rule! The materials you choose for your living room will also dictate how cosy it feels. As a general rule the softer the material the cosier the room. So if you are a leather sofa kind of person, you can add soft material covered cushions to help cosy up to your seating area. Soft rugs, curtains and cushions also go a long way in the cosy stakes.


Empty space in a room tends to look cold and drains any warmth or comfort from the given room. To solve this try adding finishing touches to these spaces such as photos, paintings, vases and lamps. Placing these items around the room will increase the cosy factor and make the room feel very welcoming and warm. If your colour theme is dark, then lighter colour finishing touches will create a contrast that will build a cosy feeling. But be careful not to clash colours, balance of colours and light are the most important factors when creating a cosy room.

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