How to choose your interior decoration partner wisely

We believe that our body is nothing without the soul. It is our soul that acts as the link between the body and the vital substance. Likewise, each home has a soul that connects it to its inhabitants. We can really bring our home to life by making it sensitive. And one of the ways to do it is to design it so that the house can talk to you in its own way. However, most people fail miserably in the design of their homes. One of the main reasons behind this choice is to choose the wrong design partner. Here are some suggestions to remember when choosing an interior architect for your home:

I. Do not consult too many people

Each designer is different from the other. Consulting too many people will only confuse you and will not help you in any case, because each designer will propose something new. And once the project is complete, you will always feel that the other design was better, while there is nothing like it.

2. Look for someone who has provided a turnkey solution

There are many aspects of interior design. From giving design ideas to measure, then 2D and 3D visualization with a quote. And once the quote is approved, the implementation part comes into play. Now, running is not such an easy task. This involves product manufacturing, civil works, on-site work, managing the entire process, coordinating with labs and suppliers, delivery, installation and much more. . If you choose a design partner who deals with all of this under one roof, then you will need to consult one person for any questions related to your project. If you assign too many people to your project, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy updating them.

3. Too much is definitely fish

If you have consulted a few people for interior design and have taken a quote from each of them, do not always select the minimum quote blindly. You must first see what the material specifications are. If the specifications and quality of the materials are identical in all the offers, you must know the rate per square foot of the specified jobs and raw materials. If someone has specified a rate that is well below the market rate, you have to understand that something is fishy.

4. If possible, visit a project delivered.
Try to arrange a visit to any project that your designer has already completed or is in the process of processing. The reason behind this is that you must understand what is the finish of the products that will be delivered by you, the designer. All furniture is elegant only if a thorough finishing work is done. A complete project will help you get an idea of ​​how your designs will prove to be the one that it has been put together.

5. Choose the one that leaves a mark

You can meet several people for the interior decoration of your place. But the right person will certainly leave a mark in your mind. You will have an interior call that you can connect to this designer and it simply says that it has always been in your mind regarding the design of your home.

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