Homeland Security Siren

The purpose of a home security system is to deter a burglar from entering your home. If the burglar manages to enter the system, the home alarm system should be a secondary defense, minimizing the time the criminal spends at home.

But my house is monitored by a central station

A monitored home security system is certainly a valuable addition, but thieves know they have a few minutes before the police are en route. With budget cuts, there are simply not enough police to go around. A call from an eventual introduction will have a lower priority than many other calls.

The best defense therefore is to make your home so uncomfortable that the criminal is going as fast as possible.

Inner sirens

There are more than 2 million burglaries every year. You want to try to make sure that if a burglar gets into your house, he will not want to stay inside. You can do this by having a strong alarm. Today, many alarm companies install all – in – one systems. These systems have the control panel and the siren all integrated into one panel. In older style panels, the brains of the system were located in an attic or cabinet and the keyboard was located elsewhere. The indoor siren would be a separate component that would be located high up on a wall. Most alarm companies would also provide an outside bell. With all-in-one systems, the integrated sounder is all that is used.

Install a secondary indoor siren

All-in-one systems do not have a separate output that can power additional sirens or bells. The problem is that installation companies today only want the installation of a basic system. They want to come and go as fast as possible. Your system is adequate but it could be much better. With the addition of an additional siren on the inside and a bell on the outside, the intruder is not at ease but with an outside bell, you warn the neighborhood that your house has a problem. With the right choice of a siren, you can make visiting thieves very uncomfortable.

As you can see in the table below, it is quite easy to produce noise to pierce the ears:

110 decibels
Regular exposure longer than 1 minute may cause lasting hearing loss.

100 decibels
No more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure recommended.

85 decibels
Prolonged exposure to noise equal to or greater than 85 decibels may result in progressive hearing loss.

How strong is too strong?

Decibels Sound Source
150 firecrackers
120 ambulance siren
110 Chain saw
Up to 105 personal walkmans
95 motorcycles
90 lawn mower
85 intense urban traffic
60 normal conversation
40 Hum Refrigerator
30 whispering voice

Typical alarm panels provide adequate indoor sirens, but they are not strong enough to chase an intruder. They are usually in the 85 db range. This amount of noise is sufficient but not strong enough to get an intruder out of the door.

Install several indoor sirens

The installation of typical home security alarm panels includes a siren located in a hallway near the bedrooms. This location is best if you only install a siren. This location will alert you to an intrusion if you are in bed or if you have a smoke detector installed, it will alert you in case of fire. This location is not adequate if you are trying to get an intruder out of your house. You can install several sirens in your home at key locations that will lead an intruder to the door.

You can contact your home security installation professional to add an additional siren. The cost should be minimal depending on the number of sirens you add. This type of installation can also be done by performing most of the cases yourself. There may be additional programming depending on the amount of current used by the new sirens and the output of the additional sirens may need to be activated.

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