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Summer has been a long time coming this year, and what better excuse to give your home a summer themed makeover? You may be surprised at how simple and affordable it is to revitalize your living space and breathe new life into an existing home.

Most of the suggestions in this article can be done with very little handyman
skills, but don’t let the man in your life get off that easily. Many hands make
like work, so get everyone involved! The kids will love it, and if you don’t
have kids – your home is probably already spotless, so go and make a ham

To Paint or Not to

While Shakespeare probably didn’t ask this question, it should be at the top of
your list of things to consider. Let’s be honest here, painting isn’t much fun
after the first few strokes of the brush. From our experience, it’s a job that
small humans enjoy – but the cleanup effort outweighs any benefit of getting
them involved.

Having said that, a new lick of paint in the main living areas of your home can
make a miraculous change to a houses atmosphere. It’s also a great way to cover
up any faded crayon masterpieces, scrapes, dings and everyday wear and tear.

Regardless of if you are going to repaint or not, take the
opportunity to do a really thorough clean of the house. Vacuum under those
cushions, clean out the window tracks and do our 3 box cleanup routine. One box
is for stuff you MUST keep, the second box stores things that you can give away
to charity and the third box is destined for the garbage. Be ruthless! It may
be another year before you do another one of these super cleanups.

Don’t do this alone. Sell the idea to your family and/or friends. Make it fun!
Call it a working bee party.. or something.

Roll Up Those Sleeves

Curtains are often overlooked when revamping home decor, and this is a big mistake.
They frame our windows and provide a great source of colour for a room. At the
very least, take them down and give them a wash, which will revitalise the
colour and remove any musty smells that have built up over the winter months.
If your budget allows it, buy new curtains for your main living areas. Choose
bright, summery colours to lift the atmosphere in the room and provide some
much-needed colour. Try to match the colour with any new cushions, throws or
table cloths that you use, which will give the room a sense of unity and

The key theme for a summer decor revamp should be flowers, bright colours,
natural fibres and wood. Go to your local flea market and see what treasures
you can find. A piece of driftwood or a raffia rug can transform your room into
a beach themed area. Add some sand coloured curtains and a large sea shell full
of fresh flowers, and you have a beautiful room fit for summer.

After you update your curtains, cushions, tablecloths and throws with some
brighter colours, turn your attention to the wall decorations in the room. A
summer themed art print can transform a room instantly, and become a focal

You may be surprised how cheap it is to get a favourite summer picture printed
on canvas. Check your local print shops or a do an online search to compare the
costs. For extra points, get a summer themed picture of the family printed onto
canvas, and hang it in the room.

Fresh flowers can be expensive, but a simple outdoor project is to start your
own flower bed. This is a sure-fire hit with kids, and they are so excited when
the flowers start to appear. Pick fresh flowers and keep them in your home
throughout summer. The flowers look wonderful, and the pretty scent is a
natural room deodorizer.

It’s easy to revamp your decor for summer, and you may find that it becomes a
yearly tradition. With some simple colour changes, and the addition of some key
decorative items around the room, you can transform any living area into a
summer oasis!