Home Decor – 3 Tips to Make Your Home Special

Your house is special. This is where you are comfortable with your family and friends, your shelter and your safety. This is where you plan to escape after a hard day's work. Your interior decor should be comfortable and reflect your unique personal style.

Many magazines and decorating shows will try to explain exactly how to decorate your home. While these tips may be helpful, you should stick to what you love and what makes you feel at home. These tips will help you decorate your home in a beautiful, functional and attractive way.

  1. Be original! Your friends and other guests will notice if the interior design of your home is unique and attractive. It will also show how original your ideas are.
  2. Add your personal touch. If you like tapestry, add colorful splashes with jets, wall hangings and rich colorful pillows. An eclectic look can be wonderful and give a look that is not the same old boring decor.
  3. Functionality. Your home should be easy to navigate and not be cluttered with furniture and fixtures so that your family and guests must stray from the path or sneak into tight spaces to get where they are going.

Good accessories can really create a look totally up to you. Mix and match, add rich textures and bold accents. Be creative! Do not be afraid to try different things until you find the perfect look, the one that makes you happy, relaxed and just like at home.

Your interior design must be in the image of you: the colors and patterns you like, the warmth of your personality. When it comes to personal style, forget the rules! Create a unique, inviting home, totally in your image.

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