Holi Home Decoration Ideas

Holi is the festival of colors so the holi home decoration should also be colorful. Pick the bright colors to get into holi festival mood.

Holi is the festival of colors in India and it welcomes the summer season with the splashes of water and colors. In addition to this sweets and celebrations are done to mark the event. Now how can you think of any festival without decorating your home. Your home should be part of this and it can be done through some changes in furnishings, paintings and other holi home decoration ideas.

Best Holi Home Decoration Ideas
Hang Colorful Curtains

Bought some very colorful ready made cotton curtains from the market. You will find amazingly wonderful and bright colors like green, yellow, pink, green, red etc. Change your old curtains with this during this festival. This will bring great change in the interiors. Pick whatsoever room you would like to turn into holi special room.

Make Floor Patterns

Rangoli or floor patterns with colors are also associated with holi. If you cannot make it on your own you will find the one made on paper in the market that can be glued to the floor. Place it on your entrance door. 

Brings in More Colorful Cushions

Put colorful cushions in your living room and bedroom. Match these with curtains. 

If you can buy the wall painting then buy one very bold colored painting for one of your wall that is close to entrance or you can also hang this in living room. Great idea for holi home decoration.

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