Gorgeous European Wooden House Design Inspiration in Russia

 Here are gorgeous European wooden house design inspiration in Russia. Three-story mansion with a unique design is located near Moscow, Russia. House that built for his mother’s child is using a detailed blend of classic Italian style with a Victorian concept. Imber elements become the most prominent attraction both outside and inside the house. Use of the original rod-shaped timber to give the impression of a charming classic. At first glance, this house really looks like a small house on children’s fairy tale book. This house is also equipped with a sauna and wine cellar on the ground floor. While the second floor of the house consists of living room and dining room. Meanwhile, the bedroom and study room located on floor three. Staircase that connects the first floor with other floors are also designed using the classic concept of cool. This family gathering house are place that brings warmth and lovable impression. It’s very suitable to spend quality time and your weekend with your beloved family.

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