Going Country For Your Kitchen

You might be wondering how best to improve your kitchen. Before making a list of materials and decors to use, decide on a theme first, one that will give your kitchen a cheery and homely look. A country theme is highly recommended.

Picking out a color is no chore for a country design. The hues are anything bright, vivid or deep like shades of red, yellow, orange and green. Country theme is associated with a cheerful, homely ambiance, so making use of colors and patterns is an effective way to achieve a country look.

For flooring in a country kitchen, wood is nice. Laminate flooring is much cheaper and can give the look of real wood. If you don’t like the idea of wood or laminate, then ceramic tile is always an option. Ceramic tile is a little bit more expensive, and usually needs to be installed by a professional. You might choose to do one solid color of ceramic or you may want to do a checkerboard pattern. Either way your ceramic tile is sure to look great. It will also be easy to care for and it will last for many years.

The flooring is ideally wood, laminate floor or ceramic tiles. For ceramic tile, it’s better to have a professional install the flooring. You can also opt for a checkerboard pattern if you wish to shy away from the usual solid color.

Country themed rugs and window treatments are not hard to come by. Try looking for solid colored cafe curtains at your local discount store. If you know how to sew you may even want to try to make the curtains yourself. Pick out some fabric that you like at your local fabric store and sew some simple curtains for your kitchen. If you don’t know how to sew you could always ask a friend or family member to help you, or you could hire a seamstress to sew the curtains for you. Rugs can be elaborate or just a solid color to match your curtains. Consider your budget and pick out a rug that matches your decor!

A country style kitchen looks neat, with storage for the pots and pans that are essential for cooking those sumptuous family meals. Accent the wood material with some colors for the hand towels, mitts, table mats and such. You can also have colorful bowls with fruits on the kitchen counter for a real homely look.

Going country is making your kitchen one cozy cooking place. Preparing meals or just hanging out with the family will be more relaxing with a comfortable kitchen to boot. It’s not just pop singers who go country now…kitchens do too!

Author : Noel Williams
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