Glass Painting – Easy to Do Glass Painting Ideas

By using glass painting ideas you can give a very new look not only to the item on which you are making the glass painting pattern but also to the entire space. If you have the glass painted window then the Sunlight that sieves through that glass painting designs has all the colors of the paints.

To make glass painting patterns you can use the traditional oil paints as well as specialized glass paints. Traditional glass painting is mostly done on glass sheet where as you do faux glass painting in the interior of your home. Vinegar trace paint, matt paint, silver paint and oil based stained glass paint are the types of traditional glass paints. 

Glass Painting Patterns
Glass painting is the technique of painting the glass on the inner surface of glass. This is also known as reverse glass painting. To proceed first of all engraving are made on the back of the glass which are then painted on the reverse side.

Abstract Glass Painting
Abstract glass painting designs are the most preferred of all the glass painting design ideas. To make the pattern generally very bright and vibrant colors are used.

Flower Glass Painting
Another very important theme for the glass painting. This is best for the people who are flower fetish. In flower glass painting ideas roses, sunflowers, orchids and daisies are the most preferred ones. 

Traditional Patterns
Every part of the world has certain specificities. Like European glass painting ideas and designs will be different from that of one which are produced in Asian countries. Exquisites patterns are made on the glass surface.

Glass Painting Process
No doubt that you must have an artistic bent of mind but glass painting is not that difficult. It requires lots of patience and time.

  1. Take the glass and clean it with soft cloth
  2. Flip the glass and use the reverse side for engraving any glass painting design.
  3. First make the design with pencil. Now if you need to make an outline then before filling the color make the  outline with black color.
  4. Work with one color at one time. Like fill the spaces with red where ever this color is used in your selected design.
  5. Dry the design either in fire or under Sun. Fire dried glass paints are more durable than the ones that are dried under Sun.

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