Far East designers know how to spice up the interior

A taste of Asian culture can do wonders by adding an exotic lift to the dull interior of the house.

Like saffron and cardamom, designers are now turning to these trends. Gold and orange tones, ornamental touches up to carved borders and hanging objects give a hint of opulence. These are new trends that can bring your home into a collection of your intellect and your accomplished cultural abilities.

Come to my opium, you can tell your guests, even if it's a normal home or business environment. However, they will feel that they are in an extremely comfortable environment, evoking wealth and an exquisite lifestyle in which the senses are lively and the nuances meaningful.

Some of the leading designers of this Indo-Pakistani style are making a name for themselves. Their works have caused a sensation in their original regions, throughout India, and some have infiltrated into international forums where Indian colors of India have added warmth and inspiration to decorate their home and their office. You may want to try to adopt similar ideas in order to modify your existing collection in order to rearrange the mood of your family.

Imagine a simple and complex mount with an inverted S-pattern covered with a strip of stripped-down cotton strung across its frame. This is the creation of Sahil and Sarthak's masterpiece. This young team of designers has been invited by Elle D├ęcor in India to participate in the Milan Mobile Show. They are some of the most successful designers in India in recent years. Describing their works as Indian memories placed in context, life changed in 2006 when they individually received a master's scholarship from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milan. It is at this moment that both designers have decided to join forces. In 2010, they became the proud recipients of the 2010 Young Creative Entrepreneur Award from the UK Council.

Sandeep Sangaru has created an innovative non-boxy wall organizer in the style of a fruit tree. Three wooden branches stabilize it at the base, with openings in clusters ideal for books and multimedia equipment. His functional designs come from his background in mechanical engineering that left an indelible imprint on his work. The openings add to the grace and finesse of the design, as well as its stability.

Another rising Indian designer is a young woman named Manasi Manjrekar. Promising architecture student at the beginning, she later understood that the design of the house suited her better. Now owner of Manjrekar & # 39; 10 in Mumbai, it employs a staff of 17 people on a paid basis. At only 23, his professional staff includes carpenters on site. Customers can visit the workshop on the store's adjacent site.

Recycled wood and antique motifs are on show in Indian showrooms. The canopy bed styles and rich brocades are brought to perfection. This retro look from the past, combined with interesting shapes and rich hues, provides a feeling of warmth, openness, security and even love, contributing to a new level of understanding, trust and confidence. resonance in your home.

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