Eye-catching Apartment Interior Design Inspiration in Stockholm

 Here are eye-catching apartment interior design inspiration in Stockholm. Beautiful and interesting apartment can be created in various ways. One way is as done in this Stockholm apartment which has an area of ​​125 square meters. Friendly and comfortable design become the priority concept in this interior design. Details of the room adorned with a variety of detailed and colorful furniture. The existence of wooden beams in the ceiling to bring the natural impression and a little classical touch. This apartment is also equipped with a fireplace is simple and small patio is an extension of the living room. Overall, this apartment succeeded in presenting a beautiful blend of classical and modern elements as well as the exploration of color. With white walls provide an opportunity for interior design and furniture colorful details to appear more dominant and assertive. As an important addition to make it look perfect, the lighting factor becomes very considered in designing the interior of this apartment. Not only does this apartment interior design featuring beautiful and wonderful views, but also an advanced occupancy friendly comfortable place to live.

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