Double Window Decor Ideas – Double Window Treatment

Your home has the beautiful double windows and you are looking for the double window decor ideas. Here we are presenting quick double window decor ideas that might work for you.

Double Deckers for Double Window
You can call it double decker or double layered window decor. This gives a very traditional look to the entire place where you will do this kind of decor.

Insulating Shades
You can give your windows a beautiful insulating shades. Bamboo shades are very prominent choice these days for doing double window decor. This is a less expensive and more modern choice of decoration. As these can be pulled to the required length so these are also called moveable insulations.

Cornice Board Top
Cornice boards are another handy option for window decor. Check how to make cornice board for your window in easy steps in Below this beautiful cornice board you can hang the curtains of your choice on curtain rod.

Blinds looks very beautiful on any kind of window. You can mount blinds on your double window. This block the air and gives you the required privacy. You can get it in light filtering as well as darkening options.

Draperies is the traditional choice of all most all of us in doing double window decor. But by playing with color and the fabric of the draperies you can create different look. With this you can create a very traditional to country style as well as contemporary look. Pleats, drape, fringes, trim are few of the options.

Valances for Window Decoration
Valances impart royal look to the double window.

Decorative Rods and Trims
Then you have the option of decorative rods and trims in double window decor ideas.

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