DIY Accessories – Can They Decorate Your Room?

In an era when environmental awareness is realized by more and more people, have you already known some great ways to recycle discarded items in your house? Below, waste paper boxes are designed to be wonderful accessories for a room. Is there anyone attracting you too?

        Little Bear Decoration

Paper box features regular thickness. They are great items that can be made to be accessories in the back-bone class. This cartoon animal card frame is definitely a work that makes this advantage into full use. After cutting the paper box, fold them slightly. Then, they can stand on the desk firmly. You can place various business cards on it. It’s believed its cute look will help people in busy work relax for a while.

Slant Magazine Rack

Under most people’s impression, magazine racks are always made from metal, wood or even rattan. Today, water paper box becomes the leading role here. Cut an oblong paper box and re-combine it to be a trapezoidal shape. Cut off a small part on the top and bottom sideways. In this case, such a simple magazine rack can be placed near the wall or furniture obliquely. It’s easy to be used and the rack doesn’t affect the entire look of your room.

Flower Vase

Cut the paper box to be several single pieces and fold them. The width of a test tube can be used as the reference here. Alternate these paper pieces staggered. So, a firm grid layout is created. Insert the test tube and fill it with water. Then, you can place flowers into them. This flower vase features an advantage: each tube is separated. You can alternate flowers in any way you like. Aside from this, the combination between paper and glass leaves people a special impression.

             Wall Flower

Did you realize such a beautiful wall flower accessory is made from discarded health paper-pot?
It’s easy to make these. First of all, cut the paper-pot to be five sections. Connect and fix them by staples. Once a tube of paper is used up, you will get five petals. So, there will be flowers blooming continually on the wall!

Lamp Box

If you have ever received a three-dimensional greeting card, you must smile while finding it becomes a pretty lamp box here, right? Yes, principle for them is the same. To make a paper box as a lamp, just fold it at the front and back side. Make sure the folding traces are regular. If you are not well-experienced, practice on paper pieces before getting started.

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