Delightful Dream Home Design with Contemporary Concept

 Here are delightful dream home design with contemporary concept by David Jameson Architect. This beautiful dream house built in the middle of a shady forest and convenient landscape. These Glenbrook Residence is located in Bethesda, Maryland presents the modern and elegant design. House building is divided into three structures with the composition of the glass building in the middle and flanked by stone-walled buildings. Three home program is intentionally designed to limit public spaces with private acreage owners. Even so, between one site with other sites connected to each other. Of three existing home program, a building used exclusively for the garage, living room, and guest rooms, a program used for private room, and last program that can be used both by private and public. Natural materials deliberately chosen to give effect to blend with nature and the environment. Use of natural materials also make this house look fresh and very comfortable both in the day or night. Modern concept of making this Glenbrook Residence dream home look elegant and stylish.

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