Decorating Your Home with Outdoor Custom Window Coverings

Decorating Your Home with Outdoor Custom Window Coverings
One of the most recognizable outdoor custom window coverings is the window shutter. These versatile coverings protect against light, weather, intruders, and can be made to fit almost any size of window. Additionally, they can be installed either on the inside of the outside of your home.

The most traditional of custom window coverings is the wooden shutter. Many homes since the early colonial days have boasted these window coverings. Compared to other types of window coverings, these wooden shutters are very high maintenance. Common issues with wooden shutters include warping, the need of sanding, painting, oiling, replacing rusty hinges, or simply the fact that they have swollen due to heat or cold and no longer function in the manner they were intended. As a result, many manufacturers are offering lower maintenance replacements that actually offer considerably better protection than the original wooden shutters.

Among the replacement shutters available are the following:

Vinyl Shutters These are perhaps the most durable of the available options often lasting around 40 years. Additionally the imitation wood shutters look very much like real wood, especially from a distance. They are easy to maintain and clean up quite nicely with soap and water (no scraping, painting, and oiling here) and you have many options for the look and design of your shutters. You can also buy them already primed for painting.

Composite Window Shutters These shutters are both weather and rot resistant and are made of very thick compressed particleboard. These panels are basically made from molds and they offer an inexpensive alternative to wooden shutters. This type of shutters is traditionally hinged at the top in order to open and close them vertically.

Fiberglass Shutters This particular type of window covering is more expensive than many of its competitors, however, they last for about twenty years and come in many popular styles including the Bahama style. If you live in a hurricane zone, these are the best choices in window coverings as they are much stronger, fasten more securely, and are lighter weight than other popular options. They also come in many styles from which to choose.

Aluminum Shutters These shutters offer excellent protection for your windows both in terms of from intruders and impending hurricanes. The primary styles in which you can find these are the traditional Bahama and Louvered styles. Many people find that the powdered finish on these shutters looks tacky and it’s important to note that the warranty on these particular shutters is only about three years.

Of course many people will always prefer the traditional wooden shutters for their window. The truth of the matter is that there are better and more affordable, though less attractive alternatives available and the need (both physically and financially as insurance rates rise in storm prone areas) for the protection of better shutters sometimes far outweighs the aesthetic reason for going with the traditional favorite.

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