Decorating With A Focal Point

Every rooms design should have a focal point. This is an area in the room which the eye is drawn to the first time someone enters. You want this area to stick out yet blend with the rest of the rooms design. This can either be a great furniture piece or art work which is on the wall. It can be anywhere in the room, not just on the wall.

Furniture pieces are most often used as the focal point because they’re large and command immediate attention. Antique furniture and heirlooms are particularly suitable as focal points because they’re often very tough yet ornate. At the same time, such items usually have a lot of history and stories around them, making them great conversation pieces for public areas. Similarly, dramatic pieces like a glass-top dining table or a richly upholstered couch will work well as the focus of a room.

If grandma didn’t pass any of her old furniture down, you could also turn an architectural element of the room into a focal point. Fireplaces, for example, are very obvious and very effective focal points due to their size. You can clue visitors in to the status of your fireplace by, say, clumping some furniture directly in front of it. Decorating the mantel with bright colors and shiny items also achieve the same effect. Alternatively, an accent wall done in a bright shade of paint or a standout wallpaper can attract the attention that a focal point requires.

If you have a painting which you haven’t been able to use so it has been sitting in the basement catching dust, bring it up. This may be a great focal point into a room and you’ll finally get your use out of it. Wall art will always catch anyone’s eye and they’ll wonder what it is and where it was purchased.

As you are focusing on the rest of the room you can’t forget the floor. By adding a great area rug you’ll be able to change a plain wooden floor into something fantastic. There are so many shapes and designs out now for area rugs that something is out there for anyone.

Focal points can be whatever you want them to be. So be creative and make sure it is your own style and brings out the personality that everyone knows you have.

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