Creative and Wonderful Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving

 Here the creative and wonderful decoration ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving. Welcome thanksgiving by presenting a warm and beautiful home decor it has become a habit every year. But there is no harm in this time you tried some creative tips below to make a nice decoration dining room or corner of the room in your home. If you are accustomed to using a small flower arrangement or dried leaves to decorate candles, try to replace it by putting candles in larger glass cups, and fill half the glass with grains such as corn kernels. Yellow corn kernels will give warm and cheerful impression. Or you can replace it with other grains according to taste. Besides using corn kernels, you can decorate candles with stones or ceramic with Thanksgiving nuances. You can choose the stones that have been polished smooth or wet given effect so that it looks cool and calm. Other tips, you can decorate a pear with star ornament on top, good fruit into a single group to attract attention or spread in every corner of the dining table to enhance your dining table display. Another idea that is no less beautiful is to gather the stalks of wheat and put it in high vase and tie with ribbon. Golden-brown color of wheat which gives the impression of a natural and classic. Now, you can choose according to taste thanksgiving decorations, make sure your home decor looked beautiful and charming.

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