Cottage VS Skyscraper

Introducing the opponents:

Before this match begins, let me introduce you to our opponents. At one side we have the world’s largest building. It is taller than a mountain, wider than a river, made of steel! Undefeated champion from the moment it entered the scene. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you “The Skyscraper”, whereas at other side we have a veteran fighter, present from the beginning of this discipline. Small in size with the natural build but full of spirit and ready for the comeback. One and only, “The Cottage”. Some might say ”it’s an unfair fight”. Some might say “it’s like David VS Goliath”. But let’s not make any presumptions. Can the champion be defeated? I don’t know that. But what I can tell you is that it’s going to be a hell of a fight!

Round 1. The battle of opposite:

And the match has begun! What we can see is that our opponents have completely different styles. While The Skyscraper is attacking with its colossal structure and modern design, its glass and steel facade is using every sun ray to throw glittering strokes around. It is sticking trough the city ropes so no spectator can miss it. Cottage, on the other hand, has an opposite approach. Blending into the area, making itself unnoticeable until you come really close. And then it hits you so it turns your head around. From that moment you are under its pace. It is a slow pace full of elegance and grace, but once you are caught into it, it’s hard to get out of its embrace.

Round 2. Soul and temper:

Like its appearance, Skyscraper’s inner side is all about attack. Big shiny halls, panorama elevators, and, again, metal and glass. Open space with a million dollar view. If you can pay for it, you can have it. But its soul has a dark and deep fear of being alone. Once it is left without its spectators, it is gone, and some new and younger gladiators take over. Cottage’s spirit is something else. It is very intimate. It can stand alone taking the punches from the wind, rain and snow without showing the pain.
But don’t think of it as unsocial. If the company is right, it can be the greatest host, and it never counts the guests. Natural and rugged fabrics used on sofas and beds, fireplace made of unpolished stone and tons of details hanging around the place possesses a healing influence on others. Its wooden structure makes it much more resistant to all sorts of impact, even to fire. And it can never disappear. It always rises up, taking some new form but using the same old and sustainable materials.

The verdict:

This is obviously going to be a never ending fight. Judges have stepped down and left the verdict to the audience. Many of them are cheering for The Skyscraper, but Cottage will always have its own fans. People will never stop believing in the everlasting soul and temperamental spirit of The Cottage. And even though The Skyscraper’s body is all steel, many believe that its chin is made of glass. So it’s just a matter of time when that chin is going to be broken into million pieces, and the throne will rightfully be given back to The Cottage. And that day is coming sooner than you think.

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