Cool and Unusual Desert Home Design Ideas by Studio Aiko

 Here the cool and unusual desert home design ideas by Studio Aiko. Oasis in the desert is usually a lake or a fertile area with abundant water. But this oasis are different with another oasis and that is a beautiful mansion in the middle of the desert. An unusual house designed by Aiko studio is really in the middle of the desert. This unique house was so fantastic because the location is not usual. Even so, the overall design with a charming home made. Even the desert house is also equipped with a swimming pool, fireplace, and attractive decor. Some portions of the house looks in a modern design with brightly colored furniture selection, while other parts, classic and soft color blends with the desert rocks and walls outside the house. If you want to try the exciting new experiences, try to stay a few days in this desert home. Feel the sensation of living in the desert with luxury

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