Bedroom Décor Ideas with Sassy Bedroom Curtain Design Ideas

Imagine a bedroom without curtains. How are you feeling? I know very bad. But do not worry have a look at easy but very effective bedroom curtain design ideas to make the interior of your bedroom just unbelievable.

Bedroom curtains, draperies and also the window treatment are very important to set the mood of the bedroom.  Also bedroom curtains should be such that these fulfill the decorative as well as privacy purpose. If you want something to stop the sound then you can opt for double lined bedroom curtains.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Sheer Bedroom Curtains

Sheer bedroom curtains are in budget option and at the same time present some of the great options of interior designing.  If you want something that allows enough Sunlight as well as privacy then this fabric is the best option. You can also use sheer bedroom curtains with thick fabric if the window or door of your bedroom is big. Also you can have double curtains like towards window install sheer bedroom curtains and towards inside install thick fabric curtain. Heavier coverage of curtain is for night and the sheer curtain is for the day time. Excellent choice of bedroom curtain I would say.

Cotton Bedroom Curtain

Cotton is the best and the cheapest known fabric. Also if you are sensitive to environment then you have the option to buy eco-friendly organic bedroom curtain fabric.  Also cotton fabric is thick enough to keep the Sunlight away and to provide privacy. Curtain bedroom curtain is also easy to wash and maintain. While buying cotton curtain check for the fabric quality, percentage of cotton in the fabric, design, pattern and color. 100% cotton is generally prone to wrinkles so buy the one having polyester mix.

Linen Bedroom Curtain

Linen bedroom curtain is also an inexpensive and decorate your bedroom is a very melodramatic way. These can easily turn the bedroom into a beautiful private retreat to relax. Huge number of color and designs are available in the category of linen bedroom curtains. Also these are very durable and easy to clean.

Faux Silk Bedroom Curtain

Pure silk curtains are expensive and very difficult to maintain. So here is the choice of faux silk bedroom curtain for silk lovers. Faux silk bedroom curtains add value to the entire bedroom without effecting your pocket much. You can pick the trendy and more vibrant colors like yellow and lime. You can easily iron these bedroom curtains from the rear side of the fabric.

Box Pleated Bedroom Curtains

If you are looking for neat and clean look then choose the box pleated style of making curtains. This adds a classy touch to the bedroom but expensive than the plan bedroom curtains. In box pleated bedroom curtain very neat pleats are given at the top of the bedroom curtains.

Eyelet Bedroom Curtain

If you do not like the traditional look of box pleated bedroom curtain then here is the choice of eyelet bedroom curtains in which the curtain has the ring to be insert into curtain rod.

Plain Bedroom Curtains

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