Beautiful House-Luxurious and Stunning Dream Home Design with Eco-friendly Concept in Blue Jay Residence -(House) Interior Design

 Here are luxurious and stunning dream home design with eco-friendly concept in Blue Jay Residence. House with a beautiful design and eco-friendly concept become favorite dream home today. These charming house located in the Blue Jay Way, California, comes to amaze you. Located in a row of houses cool, the 1525 Blue Jay Residence is truly stunning both inside and outside. The elegant exterior appearance with a combination of walls, wood, and green plants look so harmonious. While inside, you will be surprised with a complete and special interior design. Amount of ventilation and large windows deliberately presented to create air and light smoothly circulation. While the combination of white oak, gray quartz, and eco-friendly furniture are complement the interior decor of this house. The floor of this house in layered limestone slabs that serve to absorb solar energy during the day and release it when the cold nights arrive. This house is more complete with the presence of an open floor that serves as a place to relax. A cool curved swimming pool on the top floor presents increasingly attractive atmosphere. Observe the pictures below and you’ll believe with the perfection of this dream home created by Lori Dennis Company.

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