Beautiful Carpenter’s House with Cool Design in Valencia, Spain

Here the beautiful carpenter’s house with cool design in Valencia, Spain. This modern house is the work of Silvestre Navarro Architects. The customers is a carpenter who wants a home “place to live” with a comfortable and beautiful design. With a simple design and not excessive, the architect managed to make a home interesting and fun. In the outdoor, garden with full of green grass and towering trees give the impression of clean and firm. At the building site itself, the white color blends with the application of wood that serves as a partition, wall, and window frames. The use of white, wooden walls, and large glass windows give effect to the appearance of this large open space. This house named the SRR house also features a simple swimming pool that complements the entire building. If you liked house with simple design but still looks interesting and cool, this house can be your inspiration.

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