Be at the restaurant and feel at home at le Pavillon des Canaux

Parisians, if
you’re looking for some place to forget this August dull weather, we only have
one advice: le Pavillon des Canaux. This place is not only a bar and a restaurant
with an amazing decoration, but it’s also the place to meet! You can practise yoga,
work in a co-working space dedicated to new technologies, or attend the
shootings of Arte shows. A must-see, a must-go, a must-do: we absolutely LOVE
restaurant in a house paris canal ourcq

How does it
work? It’s very simple, you can choose any room of the house to enjoy a cup of
coffee, a glass of wine or a diner with your friends. Every room has its own
decoration and is a small world in itself. Our guided tour:

The Coffice

coworking space with good coffee, a good wifi connection and something which is
quite rare: a wonderful decoration!

working space decor ideas

We fall for:

  • The bright coral colour among the monochrome atmosphere;
  • The pictures scotchtaped on the walls using coloured masking tape. 
working space decor ideas
  • The large raw wooden table keeping a friendly and communal spirit;
  • The large customized armchair and its surprising tints and patterns. 

pavillon des canaux pictures
  • The graphic and coloured lamps;
  • The DIY spirit.

lime green and blue dining room

We fall for:

  • The combination of lime green and “duck blue”;
  • The retro furniture.

The blue living-room known as “the explorer lounge”

modern boudoir decoration
  • The motley mix
    of items and furniture;
  • The mix of
    white, blue and gold. 

blue living room decoration
birds wallpaper decoration blue ideas
  • The birdy
  • The fake fur on
    the seat.

light blue decoration ideas
  • The wallpaper just on a small part of the wall;
  • The second-hand
    and retro furniture.

vintage living room decoration
  • The
    old-fashioned atmosphere which contrasts with the modern fluo color on the

pavillon des canaux decor paris
  • The coloured
    lampshade framework used as ceiling lights (Watch here a DIY tutorial in English);
  • The geometric
  • The combination
    of colours: red and green

decoration ideas pink and green ribbons
  • The coloured
    ribbons holding the shelf;
  • The same ribbons
    used as curtain loops.

decoration ideas for restoom and toilets
  • This punchy
    green giving a life to the room;
  • The checker
    board pattern on the floor.

We keep in mind:

  • One section of the
    wall is kept white not to feel stifled;
  • The yard lamp
    used as ceiling lights.

geometric wallpaper decoration ideas

We fall for:

  • The geometric
    wallpaper on the risers;
  • The pattern
    repeated at the bottom of the wall and looking like cement tiles. 

bathroom decor ideas blue

We fall for:

  • The idea of having a drink in
    the bathtub;
  • The bathtub
    “duck blue” color.

restaurant decoration

We fall for:

  • The combination
    of red and “duck blue”; 
  • The neo-Baroque inspiration.

romantic decor ideas bedroom

We fall for:

  • The romantic spirit;
  • The two-coloured
    walls: powdered pink and taupe.

doll house decoration

retro chic decor ideas
molding decor ideas

We fall for:

  • These colors ;
  • The fake
    mouldings used as wall decoration.
kitchen restaurant paris canal
old style kitchen

We fall for:

  • The retro decor;
  • The combination
    of geometric patterns

And besides this
amazing decoration, I want to underline the following points: the atmosphere is
great, the waiters are perfect, the menu is wonderful and the food memorable.
In short… go! >> Le Pavillon des Canaux, 39 quai de Loire, 19°. (M° Stalingrad).
Map. Open everyday from 10AM to midnight. Tel: 
01 42 57 58 70.


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