Bamboo Flooring – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

With the recent concentrate on the atmosphere and “eco-friendly living,” bamboo floors are getting quite the hype. Customers remain wondering things to believe and how to handle it. If you’re thinking about setting up bamboo floors inside your home, here are a few things you will want to know, plus some stuff you most likely did not. I’ll not pull any punches nor am i going to overstate my situation.

Let us begin with the great part, all organized nice nicely for you personally.

Bamboo floors are a beautiful option to hardwood floors. It is available in several shades or hues, and will come in several more “stained” colors. Natural bamboo is light-colored, getting an easy, almost Maplewood appearance. To darken bamboo, it should be heated with steam. Steamed bamboo could be nearly as dark as walnut, or any shade among, given the amount of time it’s steamed and also the temperature where it’s steamed.

Bamboo floors comes with eco-friendly aspects. It’s a grass, not really a tree, therefore it matures considerably faster. Bamboo can establish in 3 to many years what must be done an oak tree 100 to 150 years. Also it can try it again in 3 to many years. It’s a a lot more sustainable resource. Some bamboo floors originates from natural groves, needing very little manure or any other chemical within the growth process. It consists of less voc’s and utilizes far less harmful toxins in the production kinds of flooring. That is certainly “eco-friendly” than carpeting.

Bamboo floors is not really any tougher for the homeowner to set up, or take care of, than its hardwood floors cousins. You will find snap-together types that may be laid within hrs. You will find even the “floating” types that take forget about time for you to install than their laminate floating buddies. No additional care is required. You should use your old trusty broom for everyday sweeping up, and also the periodic moist mop for getting rid of messier grime and muck. No waxing is needed. Actually, waxing can harm and dull the conclusion.

Bamboo floors are easily available in many areas, and also the creation of many online bamboo floors providers almost guarantees that you simply, regardless of location, can get access to it. You might want to wait a little longer, but you will get it eventually.

Now, let us take a look in the not-so-advantages of bamboo floors, we could?

While bamboo floors are a great option to hardwood floors, it is not a hardwood. The more dark a dark tone, greater the bamboo, but you may never have that oak-hard toughness from bamboo. Dings, dents and scuffs will occur. Children and pets might have quite an unhealthy impact on bamboo floors. High heel shoes are its enemy, certain to leave their mark. Make sure to put scuff pads or slider mobile phones under any furniture that’s moved around frequently, to avoid marking and marring from the surface.

The environment friendliness of bamboo floors are up for debate, too. Sure, it is a renewable grass -a renewable grass grown in China, where environment issues take a back chair to profits. Large bamboo farms are appearing, using chemicals and manure to develop abundant bamboo. These farms frequently deforest surrounding areas to create room for additional bamboo. Additionally they denude the undergrowth to have their bamboo stands free of weeds along with other plants. This may lead to erosion and poor soil conditions. Producing bamboo floors does incorporate some solvents along with other toxic chemicals. Granted, the amounts used are less than in other kinds of flooring, but they’re still present. Stained bamboo carries by using it all of the nasty stuff contained in other stained forest, too.

While bamboo floors does not differ much in installation or care, the homeowner might feel a squeeze in the wallet from selecting bamboo floors. The price of bamboo floors are considerably greater compared to other flooring options. This greater cost may really delay some home owners from determining for doing things within their houses. Bamboo floors are still relatively recent towards the home construction/restoration scene, and like anything new or trendy, is frequently listed greater of computer needs to be. Bamboo floors are more “picky” too about where it may happily exist together along with other facets of your home. Being porous, it does not like water or moisture or perhaps slight dampness, so baths, kitchen areas, cellars . along with other sub-grade areas are virtually off-limits for this. Also, entrances are a bad choice, because the moisture introduced in on wet footwear might have disastrous effects in your bamboo floors. It does not such as the sun much, either. Sunlight fades it, and rather rapidly, too. Bamboo floors shouldn’t be put into sunrooms or other parts of the home that receive a lot of sun light because of this. Should you choose choose it inside a vibrant and airy room, you will need to keep your blinds or draperies attracted throughout your day to safeguard the ground.

Lastly, the “ugly” bit: Now, I’d rather not offend anyone’s sensibilities or decorating tastes, but a few of the stains obtainable in bamboo floors leave much to become preferred. With stain color options with names like moss eco-friendly and butterscotch pink, need I only say more?

Bamboo floors could be a beautiful accessory for any home, although not all houses. Some might find it too not practical for his or her active, busy families. Others might find it the right choice for several regions of their home, but will need to believe that other locations will require alternative flooring. If you are thinking about it exclusively because of its environment “friendliness” you might want to take a look at producers a little to locate one that’s truly as “eco-friendly” as they possibly can be. Overall, bamboo floors are such as the relaxation people – it’s its good points and bad points. Along with a couple of ugly bits too.

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