Awesome and Elegant Home Design – Oblio House in Cedar Crest’s East Mountains

 Here are awesome and elegant home design – Oblio House in Cedar Crest’s East Mountains. Have a house in the middle of the green forest landscape and tranquil of course will very enjoyable. Especially if the house is made with the calculation of a mature and natural concept. These Oblio House in Cedar Crest’s East Mountains is one of the realization of that dream house. Located on the cliffs with steep topography and surrounded by lush green trees, makes this home look very unique. Since from the outside, the appearance of the house already looks very elegant and beautiful. The stones arrangement, the use of polished concrete floors, and recycled wood framing gives a charming impression. Brown wall dominates the outer side of the house make this home stand out among the trees and green grass around it. Explores the concept of the interior modern and simple, it can be seen from the application of home furnishings and interior ornaments. This house is more complete with the use of passive solar photovoltaic panels and rainwater tanks being underground.

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